Features that will save you time, money, and sanity

Supports All Developed
Web Browsers

While Edge Slider can play your slide animations easily with today's developed browsers such as Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera, it can also show images with less developed browsers, enabling all internet users the content of your slider

Slide Management

By using Edge Slider developed for OSX, you can pack your animation projects and later load sliders from cloud server only by using package numbers.

Cloud Based Slide Management

Playing Animations Made
with Adobe Edge Animate

Instead of making animations by getting lost in code masses, use Adobe Edge Animate to use your animations powered by HTML5 and CSS3 in Edge Slider fast.

Playing Animations Made with Adobe Edge Animate

Supports Mobile
and Tablet Computers

Edge Slider, designed as Responsive and Touch Friendy, makes sure your animations are played on mobile web browsers thus increases user experience.

Support Mobile and Tablet Computers

Fast Integration

You can integrate your sliders in any specialties and sizes to your website with jQuery plug-in developed for Edge Slider.

Fast Integration

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